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5th April 2010

This has been a busy year in which I have been involved in a lot more video production work at college. However, we are still making steady progress with 'Monty's Quest'. So far, 60 minutes worth of live-action hass been edited together. We are planning on filming another 30 minutes worth of material this summer. Oliver Quinn, a past student who now has a BA (Hons) degree, has joined the group to produce the music, along side Michael Hannaway.

There is still much to be done to the 3D animation but, again, steady progress is being made. Several more Blender 3D animators are planning to come onboard during the summer to work on various sequences. In the meantime, I have been working on a new sequence of which the first shot is available to view above.

Keep track of our progress here:


'The Fall' is now available from,, Blackwell, Book Depository, Waterstones and WH Smith websites.

You can also get signed copies from Kingsnorth Films Ltd, though these will take 5 - 7 days for delivery.

Michael witnesses his bride's brutal killing by supernatural forces. Falsely accused of her murder, he spends over a decade in a psychiatric hospital and comes to believe what he had seen was a figment of his imagination. But as he rebuilds his life, the nightmare returns when he realises demonic powers have targeted Mara, a young heavy metal singer. The purpose? To bare a Nephilim child, a biblical giant conceived through the union of a fallen angel and a daughter of Eve. A creature whose soul is damned and whose spirit will bolster the army of darkness. Michael races against time and unseen enemies to save Mara, but torn between his own past and a sceptic world will anyone believe him?

If you are interested in reading the first two chapters on-line click here. Hope you enjoy the book.


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